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Noddin Newsletter-Issue 3-November 3, 2016

News from Noddin!
Noddin News
Eric Scharer
Superintendent Denise Clay  
Sheila Billings - Vickie Brown - Cindy Goodsell -  Janice Hector - Harold Stuart

Issue 3
November 3, 2016
Principal's Message
  Dear Noddin Community,
  The weather has finally turned and fall is now officially upon us!  If you and your children celebrate Halloween, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Noddin students and staff celebrated Friday, October 28 with costumes and a parade in the afternoon.
   I love walking the Noddin campus and seeing top quality instruction, RtI Reading Groups, Eureka Math, FOSS Science, Social Studies, creative writing, STEAM, music, and P.E.!  I also enjoy seeing so many parent volunteers on campus assisting teachers, running Art Vitsa and Clay lessons, facilitating Running and Garden Club, or prepping for the Walk-A-Thon!  I am continuously impressed with how the Noddin school and parent community come together to do great things for kids!
   Kindergarten had an exciting month learning about bats, spiders, and pumpkins, as well as dissecting owl pellets!  They took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and got a visit from local firefighters.  They are studying word families, decomposing numbers, and looking forward to a thankful November!

   In 1st grade, students have been practicing adding three numbers and making ten.  They have also been learning how to write narratives and informational pieces.  In social studies, students are learning about voting and being a good citizen and in science, the subject of matter (solids, liquids, and gas).  As part of the month of October, 1st graders also learned about and studied bats.

   2nd graders are busy expanding upon their knowledge of place value as a way to understand base ten operations and counting by ones, tens, and hundreds to 1,000.  They are studying the life cycles of plants and animals, and reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.  2nd grade is also wrapping up their unit on narrative writing.

   3rd grade is working developing measuring skills. They are using different units of measurement to measure time, capacity, and weight.  The students recently rotated through the third-grade classes to learn about different parts of government as part of Government Day.  In science, students are finishing up their adaptation unit and they’ll be designing bird beaks in the STEAM lab to show the best beak adaptation for gathering food!  In reading, 3rd graders are working on answering prompts using text evidence. 

   In English and Language Arts, our 4th graders have been exploring common themes in literature, the narrative arc, and text connections.  Our 4th grade readers are also enjoying biographies, poetry, and informational texts.  As part of their writing unit, they are publishing their own creative narratives this trimester.  4th grade math is centering around multiplication and division.  In order to develop a deeper knowledge of these two inverse operations, they are using area models extensively. Area models help students to understand why they are able to use the standard algorithm.

   5th grade students have been busy writing narratives. They learn, write, and create narratives that include descriptive language and rich, meaningful dialogue. The students pair their writing with short descriptive stories and video clips as mentor text and media. Students have also been learning to respond to these texts with evidence and elaborate with relevant details. In social studies, the 5th graders have moved through studying various Native American tribes and will be transitioning into learning about explorers.  They are currently learning about energy through catapults in STEAM Lab with Mrs. Koleszar and have started music class with CSMA’s Mr. Rodriguez!
   I hope you and your family have a wonderful month of November and Thanksgiving holiday!
~ Eric Scharer and the Noddin Staff
STEAM Lab Update
3rd – 5th grade students have been regularly visiting Noddin’s STEAM lab! 

3rd grade has been working on animal adaptations and learning how scientists and engineers use animal adaptations to solve real world problems.  To culminate the animal adaptations, 3rd graders designed and built a bird beak to pick up a certain kind of food. 

4th graders have been studying rocks and minerals, with a focus on erosion in October.  Students went through the engineering design process to create a device to slow down or stop erosion.  Students used large-scale model based on the cliff side of Pacifica to test their prototypes.

5th grade has been learning about forces of motion through a building unit.  Students researched and designed catapults, planned their own catapults and created a list of materials.  They spent 1-2 hours building and testing their catapults, and their culminating activity was to launch candy pumpkins and measure and graph the average distance launched.
Superintendent's Message - November/December
The past month has been filled with exciting examples of our students, parents, staff and community coming together to benefit our schools. Alta Vista, Carlton, Lietz and Noddin held their annual Walk-A-Thons. Guadalupe and Oster conducted their annual Harvest Fests. Dartmouth had a Halloween Band Concert and Union had their Bid-n-Boogie.  I know I speak for all of us in Union School District when I say that we are all thankful for the strong support of parents and community members that help make this district a wonderful place for our students and our staff.

We have also had several parent nights in the past several weeks, including sessions on the newly adopted math curriculum as well as sessions on parenting in the digital age. It is amazing to see so many parents engaged with teachers and math and technology specialists in gaining a deeper understanding about the subjects that our students learn and experience in the classroom every day.

The first quarter at Dartmouth and Union Middle Schools ended onOctober 23. Parent-teacher conferences are underway at the elementary school sites, with the first trimester ending on November 14. Through progress reports and conversations with teachers, parents should feel informed about their child’s progress so far this school year.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, let us all take a moment to reflect and give thanks to this great community. Every single parent, community leader, teacher, and staff member plays an important role in a child’s education and I am truly thankful that our students have so many individuals dedicated to their education and well-being. All of us at Union School District wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.
AM Crossing Guard Needed!
The safety of Noddin students as they arrive, are in, and depart from school is of upmost importance to the staff and I.  There are three intersections that immediately surround Noddin, yet in the AM, we currently have two only crossing guards.  If you are interested in being a Noddin crossing guard, please contact Mr. Scharer directly.  The shift is ½ hour, from 7:40 a.m. – 8:10 a.m. and is paid at $16 per shift.  Please see the advertisement and the link for the USD Crossing Guard application.  Thank you!
Noddin Parent Education Night - Tuesday, November 15
Earlier this week, I sent a Google Form to sign up for Parent Education Night Tuesday, November 15. There are still plenty of spots available!  The entire event runs from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. and childcare (and pizza!) is available for the students of attending parents.
The Google Form is below:
Eureka Math Parent Web Site
I would like to re-share this amazing resource: the Union School District Eureka Math Parent Web Site!

This site has great parent resources including videos, HW tip sheets and HW pages, by grade level, for each module and lesson.

It also contains a parent feedback survey where parents can give feedback on how Eureka Math is going.

Throughout the year, the district will host Eureka Math parent education nights.  Videos and slides of past sessions will be posted on this web site as well.  A past session is currently posted and it is fantastic! 
Accelerated Reader Achievements - October

Noddin uses the Accelerated Reader program, or AR, to encourage and practice reading.  Reports are run at the end of each month and students who obtain certain point levels receive a certificate and a book for each level they achieve!  The point levels are on the bottom of this message.  On Thursday, November 3, over 85 students received certificates and book prizes!  Congratulations to:


Gavin Butler, Joel Choi, Junghyo Choi, Jungmin Choi, Diya Choudhary, Alexandra Dalarcao, Kaya Daulton, Archit Deepak, Neha Deshpande, Jack Dyer, Aniela Eckel, Scott Gabriel, Arianna Galligan, Inara Grant, Aarush Gupta, Elise Haneta, Aaron Ho, Holden House, Riley Huston, Wanze Jin, Anastasia Khasin, Katie Khasin, Bhuvan Krishnamohan, Arya Vijaya Kumar, Maria Kuritsyn, Isabella Kwon, Nicolas Lam, Brooke Lamour, Haley Lee, Kyle Lee, Yagnee Makwana, Anaya Mandal, Claire Martincic, Elena Mathias, Alyssa McCormick, Marko Miocinovic, Medeski Murphy, Advaith Narayanan, Nathan Ostrowski, Sabrina Parvin, Karen Phan, Kaiya Reynolds, Joanne Roh, Alexander Roshan, Arshiya Sen, Anik Singh, Aradhita Singh, Sophia Song, Ava Sorich, Ethan Stagg, Heidi Storey, Adrienne Urban, Michael Valenti, Grace Wang, Christopher Wilson, Audrey L. Xu, Fengqi Yang, Daniel Zhu


Emil Bowadt, Diya Choudhary, Arianna Dowlatshahi, Berat Ercevik, Anna Feland, Daniel Hansen, Holden House, Matteis Jahde, Jacob Kessel, Kyle Lee, Joyce Lee, Kyle Lim, Emma Little, Shawn Lucero, Anaya Mandal, Marko Miocinovic, Cassondra Page, Zachary Petrovich, Joanne Roh, Noah Roh, Siddharth Satalkar, Tate Duncan, Michael Valenti, Grace Wang, Sophie Yang, David Zeng


Lia Choi, Berat Ercevik, Amy Koski, Joshua Lin, Nicholas Saban

Jeffrey Clowser, Matthias Kim
Grades 1 & 2
Level 1: 15 points
Level 2: 30 points
Level 3: 50 points
Level 4: 75 points
Level 5: 100 points
Level 6:  150 points
Level 7: 300 points or more
Grades 3-5
Level 1: 20 points
Level 2: 50 points
Level 3: 150 points
Level 4: 300 points
Level 5: 500 points
Level 6: 750 points
Level 7: 1000 points or more
Blue Card Winners
At Noddin Elementary, students receive Blue Cards when they display good and positive behavior at school.  We have aligned our Blue Cards with the Noddin READ Positive Behavior Plan. READ stands for Responsible, Engaged, Adaptable, and Dependable.  The students at Noddin have earned over 1,500 Blue Cards so far this school year!  
Every week, Mr. Scharer picks 5 Blue Cards and announces those students during morning announcements.  These students receive a small prize and a pizza lunch with Mr. Scharer at the end of the month!
The Blue Card winners for October were:
Hailey Hall
Piper Levers
Lucian Cacciatore
Ashley Saban
Katie Khasin
Jack Brady
Donghu Kim
Sanjay Krishnamurthy
Oisin Mullins
Kaitlin Dunn
Zoe Levers
Amelia Frank
Ranveer Whig
Jina Han
Carina Castro
Gabriel Ezzine deAlbuquerque
Audrey Santos
Gelila Kassahun
Malcolm Fernandez
Savannah Wilson
Avani Kumar
Daniel Alegria Parra
Avery Edson
Stas Ershov
Julie Butler
Antonio Gutierrez
Joel Choi
George Clowser
Samuel Zhung 
After-School Movie - Ice Age: Collision Course
Noddin has an after-school movie event coming up on Thursday, November 10...Ice Age: Collision Course!  The movie will be shown in the cafeteria.  Doors are at 1:05 p.m. and the movie begins at 1:15 p.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.  A donation of $5 includes the movie, popcorn, and a drink.
If interested in signing your child up for this event, please visit the office for a permission slip.
Walk - A - Thon - Saturday, November 5
Noddin's Walk-A-Thon is this Saturday, November 5 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  The Walk-A-Thon is Noddin's biggest fundraiser, but it is also about coming together as a Noddin community and having fun!  Please make sure to join the Walk-A-Thon fun this Saturday…there will be DJ music, live music, games, refreshments, and even a "pie your teacher" station!  See you there!
Tuesday, November 8: Election Day (Voting in the Cafeteria)
Friday, November 11: Veteran's Day (No School)
Tuesday, November 15: Parent Education Night
Wednesday, November 16: No Homework/Family Night
Monday, Nov. 21 - Friday, Nov., 25: Thanksgiving Break (No School)
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