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Noddin Newsletter-Issue 4- December 16, 2016

News from Noddin!
Noddin News
Eric Scharer
Superintendent Denise Clay  
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Issue 4
December 16, 2016
Principal's Message
  Dear Noddin Community,
  As we're winding down the last day of school for 2016 and prepare to ring in the New Year, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Noddin staff and community for their continued hard work and dedication to this school and it's students.  As I've said before, one of the many things that makes Noddin so special is the way teachers, parents, district staff, and community members come together to educate, inspire, and promote the well-being of the students.  I am proud to have the opportunity to be a part of this team.
  When we return to school on Tuesday, January 3, Noddin and all USD schools will be participating in a SmartStart re-boot!  A SmartStart day is intended to reengage and reenergize students into being back at school.  Teachers have been given up to the whole day to run special projects, centers, STEAM lessons, and technology activities with the students that are sure to be educational, engaging, and fun!  The teachers have done an amazing job planning both the activities and the logistics of this day.  I've seen what they have planned and I cannot wait to see the day in action!    
  This day will also be a "No Homework/Family Night", so after a fun-filled, engaging, and educational day, students and family can enjoy the evening together however they wish!
  Please enjoy the next 2 1/2 weeks with family and friends and we at Noddin look forward to seeing you in the new year!
~ Eric Scharer
Kindergarten Orientation

It's almost time to welcome new and returning families to Noddin with the 2017 - 18 Kindergarten Orientation Night!  Please come Tuesday, January 10 at 6:00 p.m. to learn about Noddin's Kindergarten Program and how to register for the upcoming school year.  You'll also meet key members of the Noddin staff and the Kindergarten teacher team.
The meeting will be held in the Noddin Elementary cafeteria. Please note that the meeting is for parents and guardians only.
AM Crossing Guard Needed!
The safety of Noddin students as they arrive, are in, and depart from school is of upmost importance to the staff and I.  There are three intersections that immediately surround Noddin, yet in the AM, we currently have two only crossing guards.  If you are interested in being a Noddin crossing guard, please contact Mr. Scharer directly.  The shift is ½ hour, from 7:40 a.m. – 8:10 a.m. and is paid at $16 per shift.  Please see the advertisement and the link for the USD Crossing Guard application.  Thank you!
Parking Lot,Traffic, and Safety Remiders
As we enter the cold and rainy season, please remember these important traffic and safety rules when dropping off and picking up your child:
  • As you enter, use the drop off/pick up lane and pull all the way forward.  Please do not pick up in the fire zone, then drive through the parking lot.

  • Please do not briefly "double park" on Gilda Way or any other street surrounding the school to drop off.  This causes traffic buildup and frustration to other drivers.

  • The handicapped zone in front of the cafeteria is for handicapped student drop off and pick up only.

  • AM Kinder parents - please park in the parking lot or the street and walk to your child's classroom.  Please do not park in the fire zone or drop off/pick up area and leave your car.

  • For safety, when dropping off, students should exit from the passenger/sidewalk side only
Eureka Math Parent Web Site
I would like to re-share this amazing resource: the Union School District Eureka Math Parent Web Site!

This site has great parent resources including videos, HW tip sheets and HW pages, by grade level, for each module and lesson.

It also contains a parent feedback survey where parents can give feedback on how Eureka Math is going.

Throughout the year, the district will host Eureka Math parent education nights.  Videos and slides of past sessions will be posted on this web site as well.  A past session is currently posted and it is fantastic! 
Accelerated Reader Achievements - November

Noddin uses the Accelerated Reader program, or AR, to encourage and practice reading.  Reports are run at the end of each month and students who obtain certain point levels receive a certificate and a book for each level they achieve!  The point levels are on the bottom of this message.  At the end of November, the latest report was run and students will receive a book for each level they obtain. Congratulations!

AR Awards 12/14/16


Ronan Laughlin, Lucas Ezzine deAlbuquerque, Ashley Saban, Xinyao (Cynthia) Wang, Avital Katsnelson, Hayden Lee, Lyla Plasky, Katelyn Scheinberg, Alexander Sevounts, Kenta Tonari, William Boettcher, Mateo Levitas, Adith Radharamanan, Catherine Yokota, Eshel Bek, Megan Hansen, Liam Kelly, Ryan McAuley, Mattea Petroff, Yujie Wu, Lalit Das, Samuel Burpee, Reyhaan Whig, Emma Barnes, Serena Littlefield, Archit Srivastava, Amina Abbasi, Kyungmo Lee, Dylan Sayer, Jackson Solov, Marissa Callahan, Vedanth Chari, Lucca Sanguinetti, Audrey L. Xu


Aniela Eckel, Joel Choi, Archit Deepak, Bhuvan Krishnamohan, Fengqi Yang, Alexandra Dalarcao, Wanze Jin, Faith Park, Kayla Park, Lydia Bierly, Junghyo Choi, Aarush Gupta, Arya Vijaya Kumar, Julia Weber, Isabella Kwon, Lalit Das, Maria Kuritsyn, Anik Singh, Jessica Zhou, Erin Osman, Ethan Stagg, Arianna Galligan, Adrienne Urban, Caleb Asante, Rayan Ezaz, Nathan Ostrowski


Brendan Koleszar, Kennon Oshidari, Joel Choi, Anuj Acharya, Somin (Claire) Lee, Sihyeon Yoon, Hannah Park, Noah Roh


Joel Choi, Yash Bhatia, Cheng-Hsing Chiang, Aanya Sethi, Berat Ercevik

Matthias Kim
Grades 1 & 2
Level 1: 15 points
Level 2: 30 points
Level 3: 50 points
Level 4: 75 points
Level 5: 100 points
Level 6:  150 points
Level 7: 300 points or more
Grades 3-5
Level 1: 20 points
Level 2: 50 points
Level 3: 150 points
Level 4: 300 points
Level 5: 500 points
Level 6: 750 points
Level 7: 1000 points or more
Blue Card Winners
At Noddin Elementary, students receive Blue Cards when they display good and positive behavior at school.  We have aligned our Blue Cards with the Noddin READ Positive Behavior Plan. READ stands for Responsible, Engaged, Adaptable, and Dependable.  The students at Noddin have earned over 2, 700 Blue Cards so far this school year!Every week, Mr. Scharer picks 5 Blue Cards and announces those students during morning announcements.  These students receive a small prize and a pizza lunch with Mr. Scharer at the end of the month!
The Blue Card winners for November/December were:
Tyler Stagg 


Gavin Butler 


Saoirse Mullins 


Nicholas Saban 


Serena Littlefield 


Roxanna Jafarpur


Afrah Imam 


Caroline Bennett 


Keanan Galvea 


Claire Scraba 


Lukas Swanson 


Anastasia Khasin 


Yujie Wu 


Joanne Roh 


Fernanda Garcia 


Alex Roshan 


Charlie Deats 


Anna Feland 


Chris Lovatt 


Joceline Palacios-Villagomez


Alex Shelton

Congratulations for being Respectful, Engaged, Adaptable, and Dependable!

Inter and Open Enrollment (Intra-District Transfers) - Information
Inter-District Transfers

If you live outside of Union School District and are currently on an Inter-District Transfer to Union School District, our District Policy does not require you to reapply for the 2017-18 school year, however, your home district Policy may be different, so please check with your home district.  

Based on our District Policy and the Inter-District Contract, your child’s academic progress, behavior and attendance will be reviewed.  If all are acceptable you will be welcome to remain in the District as long as space is available.  Space determinations are often not certain, however, until late in August and possibly as late as October 1.  

OPEN ENROLLMENT (Intra-District Transfers)

The Union School District Board of Trustees endorses a neighborhood school concept.  The Board, however, recognizes that parents may wish to choose a school of attendance other than the assigned school.  Therefore, the Board of Trustees believes that parental choice among the district’s public schools should be included as an integral feature of a well-rounded educational environment.

Home school attendance areas are established to optimize the use of existing facilities and to avoid crowded conditions.  However, requests for Intra-District Transfers may be made for reasons of personal preference based on the needs of the family or child.

If you are interested in having your child attend a school within Union School District but outside of your home attendance area, you must complete an Intra-District Transfer Request.  Pick up an application from the receptionist at the Union School District Office, 5l75 Union Avenue, complete and return it to the District Office by 4:30 p.m. on March 1, 2017.  Intra-District Transfers will only be honored if space is available at the receiving school.  Requests received after that time and date will be placed on a waiting list status.  If there are more requests than openings at any particular school, a lottery selection process, as required by the Education Code, will take place.

Any Intra-District transfers approved will be reviewed yearly to determine continued placement based on academic progress, behavior, attendance (including tardies and late pick-ups) and finally space at the site.   Once an intra-district transfer is approved, you do not have to re-apply, and the transfer is in effect through 5th grade for elementary schools and 8th grade for middle schools unless otherwise noted on the transfer.

If you are by choice returning to your home school, please let your site know as soon as possible.  If any of the criteria above is not met, we will let you know in writing so that you can enroll your child in his/her home school.

Monday, 12/19/16 - Monday, January 01/02/17: Winter Break (No School)

Tuesday, 01/03/17: First Day Back! - SmartStart Re-Boot - No HW/Family Night
Wednesday, 01/04/17: Walk and Roll Wednesday
Friday, 01/06/17: H&SC Meeting @ 8:15 a.m.
Tuesday, 01/10/17: Kindergarten Orientation Night @ 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 01/13/17: Staff Development Day (No School)
Monday, 01/16/17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School)
Tuesday, 01/31/17: Noddin Math/Science Night
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