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Noddin News
Eric Scharer
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Issue 3
November 17, 2017
November Update
Believe or not, today marks the end of Trimester 1 of the school year! With so many exciting activities on campus, the year really does seem to fly by.
On Tuesday, October 31, classrooms celebrated Halloween with a variety of games and activities for the students. Thank you parents and volunteers for all of your help in making this happen! In the afternoon, we celebrated as a school by having a Halloween parade around the perimeter of the blacktop. I loved seeing all of the spooky, fun, and creative costumes the students were wearing!
A few days later, we were visited by the Alphabet Rockers. This energetic assembly uses hip-hop dance and music to engage students in building positive school culture and identity. PreK - 5th grade students enjoyed dancing, singing, and moving with DJs Kaitlin and Tommy!
Noddin H&SC threw a Fall Festival the evening of November 3rd. There were bounce houses, a rock climbing wall, games and activities, and plenty of food choices! Thank you Home and School Club for supporting the school with these fun events!
On Friday, November 17, we held our annual Grandparent/VIP day! Grandparents and "Very Important Persons" enjoyed some breakfast snacks and coffee in the cafeteria before them moving on to their students' classrooms. In the classrooms, students and visitors participated in a variety of activities including STEAM challenges and educational games and apps. on the Chromebooks and iPads.
We have so much to be thankful here at Noddin...our wonderful students and families, a dedicated and highly-skilled staff who love working with kids, and a district that supports us in our mission of success for all students. Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and we'll see you back at school on Monday, November 28!
-Eric Scharer
Reports from the Classroom
Last month, PreK started the "Special Friends" program with 4th grade. PreK teachers are continuing to introduce and build upon Eureka Math concepts and students worked on a "Turkey Disguise" STEAM project with Mrs. Koleszar. Students have also been using Green Screen, SeeSaw, Quiver Vision, and other classroom friendly apps. PreK has started the Clay, Art Vistas and Cornerstone programs and on November 7, students and teachers were treated to a performance by Andy Z!
In Kindergarten, students worked on 3D shapes and next they will be working on making 10. In language arts, Kindergartners are starting word families and rhyming. We recently celebrated the 50th day of school where students dressed up like they were in the 1950s.
A few weeks ago, firefighters came last week with a fire engine! Students got to learn about what firefighters do and what materials they keep on a fire engine. We recently held our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast and had an owl in-class field trip.
Students also recently went to Leigh High school where they participated in art and P.E. classes.
In math, 1st graders recently learned how to decompose numbers to make 10. They've been busy with narrative writing and making predictions as they read, building comprehension skills.
In Science, students studied the different states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. 1st grade began the San Jose Sharks’ “Reading is Cool” program and were lucky enough to be selected to have a visit from Sharkie! Students have had visits from Clay volunteers, Art Vistas, and be a buddy volunteers. Classes are enjoying these special activities.
In Eureka Math, 2nd grade students worked on Module 3. Students work with place value using bundles, place value discs, and charts to learn ones, tens, and hundreds. In Science, the students learned about the butterfly life cycle as we received our caterpillars and some even turned into butterflies! Mrs. Koleszar had us sign up to have a STEAM lesson involving butterfly life cycles. Our classes recently went on a field trip to the Tech Museum which was a great experience for the students, chaperones, and the teachers.
We are continually assessing our students to make sure they are in the reading group best suited for them. We recently moved students into different RTI groups. In writing, students wrote narratives and continue to build upon their writing skills by remembering to use transition words and details in their sentences, clear introductions, and concise endings. We recently finished the first month of the SJ Shark’s “Reading Is Cool” program and are excited to encourage students to keep reading in the upcoming months.
3rd Grade students worked on writing personal or creative narratives. They have also been recognizing different parts of speech. In math, they finished up Module 2, which was about liquid capacity, rounding to the tens & hundreds, and metric units. In science, students worked on plant and animal adaptations. 3rd graders have had some STEAM lessons on animal adaptations. In social studies, the students learned about the 4 regions of California and what kind of economy each region has.
4th grade students learned about native tribes and CA geography. We are on our way to exploring the CA Missions. In writing, students have completed personal narratives and moving onto informational writing. We learned about metric conversions and now are in Module 3 of Eureka. Students explored multiplication and division through area model, partial product/quotient, and the standard algorithm. 4th graders are loving the learning process through 360 math. They are also using Hyperdocs to explore Social Studies and Science lessons. We are so grateful for our amazing Room Parents and parent volunteers that made our Halloween so memorable. Students focused on engagement for the month of October in the Noddin READ.
Fifth graders had a busy month! From using Scratch and Makey-Makey to plan informative explorer badges in social studies, to citing evidence and close reading in RtI, there has been an abundance of ongoing learning. In math, students have practiced multi-digit multiplication using two or more methods, filling the walls with math during 360-degree math stations, and dug deeper to multi-step word problems using different word-attack strategies. In science, students continue exploring the implications of the Earth’s rotational axis and how this influences different patterns we see around us.
Exciting news from the world of Noddin STEAM...our new Makerspace is here! It was so wonderful to experience the arrival as a community and the students and teachers cheered and clapped for the crane operators each time they added a section of the Makerspace. In Kindergarten, students used Ozobots to retell a spooky Halloween story and experienced augmented reality jack-o-lanterns with the QuiverVision app. 1st graders learned how to drive and code Dash the robot and used a kaleidoscope app to experience how mirrors change drawings and shapes, especially symmetrical ones! In 2nd grade, students are gearing up for more life science studies with Lego WeDo, as we investigate how bees pollinate flowers. 3rd graders worked on a California Regions project that is also tied into their RTI groups. Students used Google My Maps to create a regions map with facts and images for each region in small groups. 4th graders did some reverse engineering with VHS tapes to wrap up a math unit on measurement. Students predicted, took apart, and measured the amount of tape inside a VHS tape to see if we could figure out how long a minute of film is. Results were surprising and not at all uniform! 5th graders are studied explorers and will be created explorer badges that hooked up to a Makey Makey. Students used Scratch programming to teach their classmates facts about their explorer using the interactive Makey Makey badges! 
-Noddin Teachers
Yard Duty and Crossing Guard Positions Available
Noddin is in need of a Monday - Friday yard duty, as well as an AM/PM crossing guard. If you think you might be interested and want more information, please contact me directly Thank you!
-Mr. Scharer
Accelerated Reader - October
Noddin uses the Accelerated Reader program, or AR, to encourage
and practice reading. Reports are run at the end of each month and
students who obtain certain point levels receive a certificate and a
book for each level they achieve! The point levels are on the bottom
of this message. The report was run at the end of October.
Students received a certificate and a book for each level they
obtained. Congratulations!
Samuel Zhang, Xinyao (Cynthia) Wang, Bhuvan Krishnamohan, Iris Ahn, Aanya Wason, Diya Pillai, Liam Piccotto, Katrin Grigoryev, Luke Kalynij, Samuel Burpee, Saoirse Mullins, Lance Takamura, Heidi Storey,Luca Levitas, Nicole Rovniaguin, Audrey Santos, Aaron Oshidari, Audrey Bennett, Joyce Lee, Owen Cantore, Aanya Sethi, Michael Zhu, Zoe Osako, Agam Singh, Sophia Knipp, Peyton Daulton, Erin Osman, Matthias Kim, Lalit Das, Kyle Lim, Riley Jackson, Gavin Butler, Emma Little, Archit Srivastava, Aniela Eckel, Amanda Brittain, Anastasia Khasin, Katelyn Pham, Joshua Asante, Romy Leiba, Brynna Shpuniarsky, Yair Durst, Caleb Song, Liona Raby, Asmit Mohapatra, Avery Edson, Fengqi Yang, Tyler Scott, Jina Han, Sean Burke, Daniel Zhu, Vishnu Parthasarathy, Achyut Badhrinath, Tate Duncan, Luke Yi, Ranveer Whig
Samuel Zhang, Aaron Oshidari, Audrey Bennett, Joyce Lee, Erin Osman, Matthias Kim, Riley Jackson, Catherine Yokota, Gavin Butler, Seongwon Jo, Aniela Eckel, Maksim Miocinovic, Emma Vaile, Kaya Daulton, Alexandra Dalarcao, Fengqi Yang, Siri Smith, Louis Shen, Sahil Vijay, Lillian Chang
Cassandra Hogate, Sophie Yang, Kyle Choi, Joshua Lin, Amy Koski, Brendan Koleszar, Jayden Fernandez
Yash Bhatia, Nicholas Saban
Point Levels
Grades 1 & 2
Level 1: 15 points
Level 2: 30 points
Level 3: 50 points
Level 4: 75 points
Level 5: 100 points
Level 6: 150 points
Level 7: 300 points or more
Grades 3-5
Level 1: 20 points
Level 2: 50 points
Level 3: 150 points
Level 4: 300 points
Level 5: 500 points
Level 6: 750 points
Level 7: 1000 points or more
Blue Card Winners
At Noddin Elementary, students receive Blue Cards when they display good and positive behavior at school. We have aligned our Blue Cards with the Noddin READ Positive Behavior Plan. READ stands for Responsible, Engaged, Adaptable, and Dependable. The students at Noddin have earned over 1,000 Blue Cards so far this school year! Every week, Mr. Scharer picks 5 Blue Cards and announces those students during morning announcements. These students received a prize and a pizza lunch with Mr. Scharer at the end of the month! The Blue Card winners for October were:
Oliver Huston
Oliver Piccotto
Sima Badaoui
Ava Sorich
Nicholas Martinez
Parsa Forouzandeh
Brandon Kessel
Zoe Levers
Alexis Scott
Edgar Delgado
Isaiah Rodriguez
April Davie
Elijah Xie
Luisa Arellano
Stas Ershov
Leilani Flores–Corona
Selena Zhang
Avery Martincic
Lyla Plasky
Taneesha Sreeram
Ethan Little
Parking Lot, Traffic, and Safety Reminders
Noddin is a large elementary school with several hundred people arriving and departing in the same 15 minute timeframe. Please remember these important traffic and safety rules when dropping off and picking up your child:
  • Please do not briefly "double park" on Gilda Way, Harwood Ave., or Harlow Way surrounding the school to drop off! This causes traffic buildup, frustration to other drivers, and potential accidents. Do not send your student across the street from the opposite curb!
  • As you enter, use the drop off/pick up lane and pull all the way forward. Please do not drop off or pick up in the fire zone, then drive through the parking lot.
  • Please do not briefly "double park" on Gilda Way, Harwood Ave., or Harlow Way surrounding the school to drop off! This causes traffic buildup, frustration to other drivers, and potential accidents. Do not send your student across the street from the opposite curb!
  • The handicapped zone in front of the cafeteria is for handicapped student drop off and pick up only.
  • For safety, when dropping off, students should exit from the passenger/sidewalk side only
These guidelines are for the safety of our children and families! Please honor them for this reason.
Please note: Due to the age appropriateness of the books, this event is for 3rd - 5th grade students only!
Monday - Friday, 11/20 - 11/24 - Thanksgiving Break
Friday, 12/01 - H&SC Meeting @ 8:15am
Monday, 12/11 - USD Board Meeting @ 6pm
Monday12/25 - Friday, 01/05 - Winter Break
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