Noddin Elementary School

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Vision and Mission

School Vision and Mission: The vision and mission of Noddin Elementary is to form partnerships of learning between the staff, students, parents, and community.  Noddin Elementary is dedicated to the idea that these partnerships will lead to student academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success.

Three pillars of thought guide the schools vision and mission:


·      Staff, students, parents, and community


·      To learn, succeed, grow, and be involved


·      Academic growth, upstanding behavior, and emotional well-being

In support of this educational vision and mission, Noddin Elementary will: 

·      Encourage and provide relevant learning opportunities, instructional materials, and training to its staff.

·      Proactively identify, plan for, and address student needs.

·      Involve and partner with the parent community to address the needs of their child, the student body, and the school at large.

·      Seek and employ community programs and support to enhance overall student well-being.