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For Parents » Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

In the event of a special emergency or a major disaster, such as an earthquake, remember:

  • Remain calm. Your child will be cared for at Noddin School until you or an authorized adult pick him/her up from school.
  • Students will only be released to adults who are authorized by you on the Disaster Emergency Card.
  • Park a distance away from the school and walk. Parents or authorized adults who come for students should not drive their car near the school. The parking lot and streets around the school may be needed for emergency vehicles.
  • Parents and authorized adults must present identification before being allowed to remove a child from Noddin School.
  • Before being signed out at the Student Release Station, children will be asked to indicate that they know the authorized person and that they are willing to leave with them.
  • When arriving at the school to pick up a child, form a line at the Release Station located near the school office. Remain calm and watch for fallen wires. The release of each child will be done in a safe, orderly fashion.
  • Do not call the school. If the telephone lines are operational, the telephones must be available for emergency calls.

"1-2-3 alert" is the code given over the PA system in the case of a crisis. If inside, close all blinds and lock all doors. If outside, please drop to the ground. An all clear message will be given when the crisis is over. Remain calm.