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Homework Policy

The concept of homework has and continues to be a historical controversial topic.  Homework is intended to be a review of learned material only and enjoyable.  We have a Homework Policy that is listed below.  However, if homework is an issue for your student, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns. 

Homework is an extension of classroom learning and is expected from all students. It is meant to reinforce skills already learned in class and/or extend learning beyond the classroom. Homework is expected from all students. Homework is a student's responsibility to complete and turn in on time. Of course, most students need the support of adults at home. Homework provides students the opportunity to develop personal organizational skills and acquire a sense of responsibility for work assigned to them. Homework is not intended to disrupt family time or place extra stress on children or parents. If this occurs, the teacher needs to be consulted. All questions regarding homework should be directed to the teacher. In addition to assigned homework, students may be expected to complete class work that was not completed during the school day.

Parents can help students complete homework assignments by: eliminating TV and video games on school nights, encouraging children to be responsible about their work, provide a quiet place for the child to organize work, safely keep materials needed to complete assignments, check and review to make sure that the homework was properly done, signing agendas, assignment logs or papers required by the teacher and ensure students return completed work.

Approximate time to be spent on homework:

a. Grades 1-3: 30-40 minutes daily, Monday - Thursday

b. Grades 4-5: 45-60 minutes daily, Monday - Thursday