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Kids' Rules for Online Safety

  • I will not give out personal information such as my address or telephone number without my parents permission.

  • I will tell my parents right away if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • I will not participate in anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. If I receive mail that is not appropriate I will tell my parents so they can contact the service provider.

  • With the help of my parents we will set up rules for going online. We will decide when, how long, and the appropriate areas I can visit while online. I will not break these rules without permission from my parents.

  • While online I will not give anyone my Internet passwords.

There are so many things to do on the Internet. You can get help with your homework, check out your favorite television shows on Nickelodeon, or see how cartoons are made at Warner Brothers. Please remember the rules, that you and your parents decided on, and stick to them. The Internet is a great place to find out information about almost anything you have ever wondered about, but remember it is a privilege. If your parents have questions on how to be safe on the Internet here is a site that can answer some of their questions: Safe kids: My Rules for Online Safety


Art and Music

The American Century
Activities for families and kids ages five to ten. Includes a concentration matching game and a virtual canvas to create artwork that you can stretch and rotate.

Kids Space
Try out many interactive musical experiences. Submit audio files of your music or digital drawings, and hear and see what children around the world have seen and done, too.

Mozart's Magical Musical Life
This great story, complete with audio clips, tells about "Wolfie" (Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophillus Amadeus Mozart) as we know him today.

Stanford and a Lifetime of Color's Art Education
Resources and Art Adventures
Explore color mixing and matching activities. Learn about proportions and portrait techniques.

Juice Box Jingles
Behold a six-bottle xylophone, and a tunebook for your playing and listening pleasure. Just follow the notes.

Songs for Scouts
Gather 'round the campfire and share some singing. Here you will find some silly songs and just plain funny songs. If you want the definitive version of "Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts," look no further.

Symphony: An Interactive Guide

Learn about almost 20 different composers of symphonies. You can also explore a 200-year time line in the development of the symphonic form. Discover the guide to the instruments of the orchestra, complete with audio files

Games and Interactive Stuff Supersite for Kids
This site has a lot of family-safe places to visit. Play a game, enter a contest, find homework help, or learn about dinosaurs.

Create Your own Fireworks Show
Choose a background: San Francisco, New York, or another city. Then select the color starburst you want. This is part of a larger site with trivia games, music, and lots of patriotic fun.

How about playing some math baseball? This site has other games including a concentration matching game.

Kid's Domain
A must see site. Lots of games and pictures to color, software downloads, clip art, and a list of links to similar sites.

Lemonade Stand

Easy-to-learn simulation game of high finance, you start with a fist full of dollars, a dream, and a weather forecast. Balance the cost of rent, lemons, and your advertising budget into your sales price per cup.

Suessville Games

Scramble your brain with the Cat in the Hat's concentration game, or see if you can match the right teacher with her classroom in Diffendoofer School.

Snowflake Designer-6 Sides
Try this snowflake maker and make a whole blizzard!


The History Channel
Who says history's boring? If you get this cable channel, you know the truth is out there! Even if you don't have cable you can visit this web site. Try This Day in History, get historical facts, plus the top ten in music for past years. If you think you have no interest in history stop in and you will be surprised.

Today in History
Want to know who shares your birthday or what famous events throughout history happened the day you were born? Just type in the month and date you want.

The Declaration of Independence
The History Channel offers a special online exhibit about the creation and signing of one of the most treasured documents. Find out about history leading up to all those famous signatures on the bottom of the parchment.

The Gettysburg Address
The Library of Congress has devoted this page to President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Here you will see the only known photo taken of Lincoln at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
George Washington's second-term inaugural speech remains the shortest on record, requiring only 135 words. William Henry Harrison delivered one of the longest, speaking for an hour and 45 minutes in a blinding snowstorm. This is a great site for finding out inaugural factoids, such as the revelation that Geronimo, the great Apache, attended the inauguration of Teddy Roosevelt.

The Light of Liberty
On July 4, 1884, the United States received a monumental birthday gift from France. The 15-story-tall Statue of Liberty was designed by sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. He used his mother as a model.

The Statue of Liberty
Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!
This is part of the poem written inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. It was written by Emma Lasarus, and you can learn more about the statue's history at the official National Park Service site.

Homework Help

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
"Beege" is twelve years old and has collected more than 550 resources that he uses with his homework. You'll find everything from biographical dictionaries to flags of the world.

The History Channel

Who says history's boring? Try This Day in History and get historical facts, plus the top ten in music for past years.


Just head to this site and ask your question of one of the school library media specialists throughout the world. They provide direct assistance to any student looking for resources. Try the FAQs (frequently asked questions) for answers to questions other kids have asked. Maybe your question has already been asked.

Acronym dictionaries, biographical dictionaries, inventions, useful calculators are all here for you to use. Explore numerous magazines and newspapers, phone books, mapping programs, and more.

Research-It!-Your one-stop Reference Desk
This site is cool! Spell a word, conjugate a verb, find a quote, or locate facts about a famous person. Almost 30 quick reference tools are all rolled into one easy-to-use site. (Warning this site gets very busy and is often slow.)

Time 100: 1900 vs. now
It's hard to imagine what the year 1900 was like, so this site offers a way to compare the then of yesteryear to the now of today. Compare statistics in the US and around the world.

You Don't Have to Play Football to Score a Touchdown
This page will help you take notes, manage your time, and learn to to your best to make and meet your goals. Be sure to take the link to "Study Skills Help Page" for more.

Insects, Butterflies, & Spiders

Insect World Did you know insects are often used as medical treatment? Bedbugs were thought to be a cure for malaria, beetle grubs were used as a cure for toothaches, acid ants were often used as a cure for neurotic troubles. Others perceived insects as a delicious addition to their diet. You can also learn how to care for your pet tarantula or crickets at this site.

Wonderful World of Insects and Spiders
Spiders Don't Have Wings: Not every creepy-crawly thing is an insect. ÊHow can you tell? Insects have 6 legs. ÊNobody else does! Check out this fun site on creepy crawly things!

The Butterfly Website
Do you know what the first butterflies of spring are? Here's a hint: they have blue sparkles. Give up? The azure butterflies are the first, followed by the sulphurs, then the whites. But you don't have to wait until spring to see butterflies. There are hundreds of butterflies and moths waiting for your discovery year-round. Find out how to locate moths and butterflies at any time of the year. Learn what plants to plant in your garden to attract butterflies and encourage them to lay eggs.

Butterflies of North America
At this site you can pick your state and see a checklist of the butterflies that can be found there.

Monarch Watch
You can learn all about the monarch butterfly on this site. There is a lot of detailed information about monarch tagging, migration, and the life cycle of this beautiful butterfly. There are also other links to monarch sites. Scientists from two universities developed this site.

Construction of a Web
Have you ever wondered how spiders made those beautiful wheeled webs? This very simple site will show you the ropes. Do you think you could duplicate this feat with a ball of yarn?

You Can-Spider Webs
Why doesn't a spider stick to it's web? Try this experiment with Beakman and Jax to find out. Then look at many different kinds of spider webs, and maybe even collect some using the methods described here. But please wait until Charlotte's done with hers before you take it home!

Internet, Computers, & Web Building

Glossary of Internet Terms
Use this glossary to attach some meaning to the unfamiliar terms you will no doubt run across while wandering through the Web. Some descriptions will enlighten and some will confuse, while others may be so technical they make no sense at all. Stop by and increase your Net knowledge.

PBS Kids:Techknow
"Get Your Web License Here" asks you what information is safe to give out online. You can print out a certificate once you've passed the test. In the You Be the Judge section, visit Web sites that kids have rated in their favorites.

FreeZone-Where Kids Connect
This place is so cool that you'll need to spend an entire afternoon just checking it out. For example, in Brainstorm you can do a puzzle, write a poem, and learn weird facts. In homework helpers you can find someone to assist you in the most difficult problem a teacher assigns. You can create your own home page, head to the fully supervised chat box, or find a key pal. You can find out stuff about your favorite band, TV show, or movie and even write a review.

Do you want to learn Internet safety rules? Pull up a chair and settle back for a story. Disney characters take you on a journey-"Who's Afraid of the Little Sweet Sheep," about chat room safety, "The Bad Apple," concerning computer viruses, and "Web Mania," which will educate you about e-mail netiquette and polite Netsurfing behavior. There is also a nice list of Internet safety tips.

SafeKids: My Rules for Online Safety
It's OK to keep a secret, especially when you meet people on the Internet. Never give anyone personal information about yourself, never send a picture of yourself to someone, and NEVER meet someone without talking to your parents or your teacher about it first. These rules are only a small part of a larger site called, where parents and kids find out a lot more to talk about and learn about the Internet.

A Warning for Parent and Kids-The Police Notebook
The Internet is a fun place to be. It is important though, that you learn to use the Internet safely and wisely. What if someone asks you for your phone number? What if someone asks you for your password? What if you stumble into something that is "too old" for you? The University of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety gives you loads of great tips on using the Internet in a good way.

Lissa Explains it All-HTML help for Kids
Lissa's a teen who was born to code HTML. She's gotten so many questions about her Web pages that she decided to put up some brief tutorials. Learn everything from basic tags to tricks like how to get that cool rippling lake effect on your graphics. You'll also get resources for free graphics.

Health and Safety


This site was created to provide the Noddin community with a quick, on-line source of information on how to prepare kits of food and other items that would enable households to survive a 72 hour emergency. You will also find links to other websites about earthquake safety and preparedness made with kids in mind.

The Tooth Fairy

A great site that tells the story of the tooth fairy. You will also find quick tips on how to keep your teeth healthy and cavity-free. How often you should you brush your teeth, and what's that gunky stuff called plaque?

Learn how to floss and remember: the only teeth you have to floss are the ones you want to keep!

Yo! It's Time for Braces!

This site explains braces and other orthodontia from the perspective of a kid. The class members who created this site were finalists in the ThinkQuest Junior competition, and have a wonderful webpage. This site explains it all and follows one girl through her first few months of living with braces.

The Official D.A.R.E. America Site

D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It's a series of lessons led by a police officer to help give you the skills to resist pressure to try drugs or alcohol or to join a gang. This year, over 35 million kids will become involved in D.A.R.E. program. At this site you can learn about the mission of the organization, read the latest news, and, if you dare, join Daren the Lion in his clubhouse.

FDA Kids Home Page

The Food and Drug Administration is the government authority that makes sure our food is safe and that drugs and medicines actually do what they claim to do. Learn about vaccines and how they work to protect us from disease. Younger children will enjoy the food safety coloring book.

KidsHealth-Children's Health & Parenting Information

Sections for kids and parents, with an area for health professionals as well. The kids section had tips on nutrition fun recipes, a section on feelings, including a Kid's Guide to Divorce.


Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts
This site has more useless facts than one person would ever need! Here is an example: the hundred-billionth crayon made by Crayola was Periwinkle Blue. Or how's this: ZIP code 12345 is assigned to General Electric in Schenectady, New York. If you want to have fun with facts that not so many people know, you should definitely check out this Web site.

KidsClick! Weird & Mysterious!/topweir.html
Have you ever wondered what your dreams meant, or needed to get a really scary story for your next camping trip, or maybe wanted to learn about astrology? This site has lots of goodies and is a great search engine for kids. Check it out!

Parents & Teachers

Blue Web'n Learning Library
This site collects the cream of the crop of learning-oriented Web sites. All sites are related and categorized by area, audience, and type. Each subject category has kinks to relates tutorials, activities, projects, lesson plans and more.
Lots of intriguing feature articles on family activities, travel, education, and more. Besides this, you can Go Local for links to parenting news in your city or state.

From Now On-The Educational Technology Journal
Internet use policies. Assessments. Libraries of the future. Grants. Parenting. This site tackles all those topics and more. It is a vast collection of feature articles, Web sites, and other resources for the home, classroom, and community.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Some families are looking for their missing children. Check their photos. Have you seen any of these kids?If you have a web page of your own, check the How You Can Help area.

Parent Soup
The content here is based on what other users can ask to the mix of real-time chat and discussion groups. Want to ask for help with your shy kindergartner? Want some health, crafts, or entertainment suggestions? Try the parent Soup community.

Screen It! Entertainment Reviews for Parents
These movie, music, and video reviews are astonishingly complete, scoring each title in a variety of areas that might be of concern to parents. This site helps parent "know before you go," so there are no surprises later.

ThinkQuest gives away over one million dollars EVERY YEAR. There are several contests: one for elementary grades, called ThinkQuest Junior. There's also one for teachers.

Gifted and Talented
Being gifted is being blessed-it means having special talents beyond the average. While being gifted is good, it can also lead to complications. The Internet offers a way for gifted children to explore the world in a challenging environment.

Get Your Angries Out
This site gives you some useful ways to get your anger out in constructive ways, with hints for adults, kids, and couples. There are many good ideas, and don't forget to check out the the links about peace here while your dealing with your angries.

American Head Lice Information and Resource Center
Over twelve million Americans are affected each year, mostly children. Follow the five-step battle plan outlined in this site and in an award-winning video to rid your environment of louse. The video also provides tips for kids on how to avoid an infestation.

Headlice Information
Why did my child get sent home from school? Can my infestation spread from the dog or the cat? Do I have to clean out my car? The answers to all these questions are at this site. Wondering if that's really louse or just dandruff? Check out this site for answers.

Reading & Writing

Children's Literature Web Guide
Here you will find online children's stories, information about authors and illustrators, children's book awards, and lots of lists.

Neverending Tale
Just start reading a story, and when you get to the bottom of the page, you'll find a number of choices about what to do next. You can follow someone else's path or you can easily add your own series of choices. This site is monitored for appropriate family content. One thing is for sure-two words you will never find in any of these stories:The End.

Penpal Box
Part of Net-mom's favorite site, Kids' Space, the Penpal Box offers kids aged 6 to 16 the opportunity to have an e-mail friend. Remember to read the FAQ for safety tips, and remember not to give your home address to anyone.

Poetry Pals
If you've never written a poem in your life and you would like to give it a try, click on the Magnetic and take a peek at an online version of "magnetic poetry." Click on the words you like and drag them around to make a poem on your computer screen.

Science & Math

Cool Math
This is the greatest math site ever. Really it has no equal. I'm going to leave this one as a surprise.

Math Advantage
Younger kids will enjoy sorting bumper cars in Carnival Cars or playing tic-tac-toe with shapes. Older ones solve extraterrestrial math problems in Cargo Bay and graph coordinates to make a robot Elvis dance. Check out the other games that add to math interest.

Space Day
Try the Night Watchman and see if you can click the constellations to the correct place in the sky. In the Phaser you will learn about the phases of the moon.

Thinking Fountain
From A to Z, your going to find a lot wonderful ideas and information the Thinking Fountain. There are activities and ideas, galleries to show your work, books you can use, and surprises everywhere..

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online
It's Bill Nye the Science Guy, and is he loaded with science goodies to show you! Check out Today's Demo or visit the U-Nye-Verse to see what's happening in Bill's world of science. Check out ideas for your next science fair project..

Explore Science
People learn in different ways-some people like to hear explanations, other people like to read them. Still others like to physically interact with a problem, and this page is for all those folks.

The Invention Dimension
Would you like to win half a million dollars? All you have to do is create something so cool that everyone says, "Wow!" That's the idea behind the Lemelson-MIT Prize, which is presented every year to an American inventor-innovator for outstanding creativity. Don't miss the Links area for more inventions and resources.

Pencil Inventions
Look at your pencil. How would you improve it? Make it longer, shorter, fatter, thinner? Maybe put a light on it or add a calculator. Getting your brain on a problem like this is the first step toward being a real inventor.

Science Odyssey
You will not be disappointed with this site. In the Technology at Home section, you will see what changes happen in the virtual home through the twentieth century. Appliances appear and disappear, telephone equipment changes-what else will you notice? Find out what happened in fashion, human evolution, radio transmission, probe the brain, atomic structure, and many more.

Search Engines

Ask Jeeves for Kids!
A great search engine that allows children to ask a question and correct any spelling errors. For example: "I need a map of Arizonia" it will ask you if you really wanted Arizona.

Yahoo for kids, it's great. Homework help, games, and a directory that will save the day.

Dogpile will send out your search query to up to 25 different search engines and send the results back to your screen. It's an easy way to ask the same questions in many places.

GO Network: Kids
If you don't want to be distracted by thousands of suggested sites, try the GO Network collection, it saves you time by bringing the Internet into focus. Parents can be assured that GOGardian-a filtering program-is running in the background until a parent chooses to turn it off.

One of the best kept secrets of Web searching. Check it out.

Lots of great content in this directory, including online games. Pop into the Kids & Family section to find a wide variety of sites. Snap to it.

Sports & Outdoor Fun

Eldrbarry's Active Game Guide
From tag, line and circle games to indoor play, your sure to find something fun to do with a few friends or a whole family reunion.

Exploratorium's Science of Hockey
There you are-center ice at the San Jose Arena. Join the San Jose Sharks as they explore the science of one of the most exciting sports. Learn about the ice, the skills, the equipment and more.

Jump into Snowboarding
This site tells you all the special language used by snowboarders-try an "Indy Grab on a Halfpipe, Dude"-as well as the six snowboarding events in the 1998 Olympic competition.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
If you've been wanting to try your hand at a new sport, this is where you can find out all about the movies, the lingo and the equipment. Don't miss the interviews with sports heroes, hilarious comics, games and a whole lot more.

Youth Sports Network
This is the one you want! Not only are there great features (extreme sports, bball tournament news, fitness, coaching, and more) but the games at this site are great.


Nickelodeon Online
Ooze into this Web site and find your way into the the TV Shows area to read up on the latest with all your favorites. Download some cool games for your Macintosh or Windows.

Warner Bros. Animation 101
Do you love to watch cartoons? Do you ever wonder how cartoons are made? Go on a tour and watch the whole process. See how the pictures go from pencil sketches to hand-painted art. Follow along as voices, sound effects, and music are added. Just watch for falling anvils!

The Official Peanuts
All your favorites are here: Charlie Brown and Snoopy, of course. Don't forget the fun games here.

DC Comics for Kids
DC Comics is the home of such superhero greats as Superman and Batman, along with many others. Stop in here and find coloring pages, quizzes, and more.