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Vision and Mission

School Vision and Mission: The vision and mission of Noddin Elementary is to form partnerships of learning between the staff, students, parents, and community.  Noddin Elementary is dedicated to the idea that these partnerships will lead to student academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success.

Three pillars of thought guide the schools vision and mission:




In support of this educational vision and mission, Noddin Elementary will:

Ralph E. Noddin History

The history of Noddin School, the land on which it sits, and the people who lived here, have a story that goes back to the earlier days of our school district.

A girl named Pernilla Nelson and her family lived on the farmland that was one day to become Noddin School. Pernilla grew up on this site, and as a youngster, attended school in the Union School District. She was in the graduating class of 1913 and the picture of Pernilla and her classmates can be seen in the receptionist's office at the district administration building.

The orchard and the farmhouse became the residence of Pernilla Nelson and her husband, Ralph E. Noddin, upon their marriage. Mr. Noddin taught chemistry and physics in the Campbell High School District and coached basketball there for about thirty years. He also taught driver's education. Many of the area's residents have fond memories of Mr. Noddin and have expressed admiration for both his teaching and his coaching.

When the family sold the land to the Union School District, the house became the temporary district office for a period of two years. The land was purchased by Union School District with the intention of erecting a school. The staff and student body were ready to move into the newly built school in September, 1960. The building, however, was not to be completed for some five months. So, one-half of the Noddin students and teachers held classes at Lone Hill School and the other half was situated at Lietz School. This arrangement lasted until the latter part of February, 1961. 

With the opening of Noddin, there was a joyous dedication ceremony. Mr. Ralph E. Noddin gave a few remarks and Mr. LaRoy Green, Noddin School’s first principal, in whose memory the Library/Media Center is dedicated, gave a welcoming.